SU-DHARA- Key Aspects

  • Community Consultations to Co-Develop Solutions
  • Behavior Change models
  • Training for Household Segregation, Composting etc
  • Empowerment of Community Champions to lead pilots and scale up work
  • Innovative Pilots for extracting value from different waste streams
  • Creating Decentralized Pilots at Household and Community level
  • 10 volunteers have been awarded with certificates by EDMC on rendering their services in the field of waste management 
  • Su-Dhara: Multi-tier approach
  • Distribution of composting kits to various households for home level composting
  • D2D awareness and communications program on waste management
  • Pilot installation of waste-to-value units from organic waste at temples
  • Community murals, deep engagement to create buy-in for decentralized solutions
  • Mapping different waste streams and creating pilots for each
  • Working with waste workers and communities on piloting  D2D Waste Collection in an “adopt a street” model .





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