My 10 Kg Campaign by IPCA

“My 10 Kg Plastic Campaign” was conceived by IPCA in July 2019 and adopted by Dabur India Ltd. under its CSR initiative with the support of EDMC. This was designed to create awareness on plastic waste collection and its segregation at the source and to stop littering. Under this campaign various general citizen, people from RWAs, Schools, Corporate and Institutes participated to segregate their plastic and store separately. Each month IPCA collected the plastic waste stored by them and sent it to respective recycling/ co-processing units. The participating citizens and the organization were given an appreciation certificate and a product made from recycled material.  Under this initiative various activities such as clean drives, awareness workshops, and competition were conducted to generate awareness. In the year 2020, 6367kg of plastic waste was collected from the residences, offices, societies, schools and colleges in which the non-recyclable plastic waste sent to IL&FS- waste to energy plant for its proper disposal.

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